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Jacob in Blue by AkumaAsylum
Jacob in Blue
Jacob in Blue
Acrylics on Canvas
February 18th, 2015
Approx. 7 hours

In my Intro to Painting course we were asked to create a monochromatic portrait of someone--anyone--so long as they were realistic (meaning they looked like an actual person--no cartoons.) I decided to paint my friend Jake, as I thought his face would be more of a challenge due to the facial hair and expressiveness it employs. I attempted to have my brush strokes follow what I believed to be the angle/natural shape of his face and hair, so as to give more life and softness to the portrait.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on this work, as it is my first time painting a person, realistically or otherwise. If you have any thoughts or critiques, please comment or send me a message--I would love to hear from you!

Link to my Facebook page:

Mermaid at Sunset by AkumaAsylum
Mermaid at Sunset
Mermaid at Sunset
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Time elapsed: approx. 24 hours?

So, funny story, this was originally supposed to be a part of an Art Nouveau series starring some Elemental Goddesses? Well, then I ended up graduating and losing motivation to do ANYTHING. Suddenly, I discovered that nieces have birthdays? Like, every year? So I dug up this half-drawn (more like barely sketched) mermaid picture, re-designed it, and finished it so I could give it to my niece.


Do not use or redistribute without written permission from me, the artist.
I have returned!

Really though, I never actually left--this is just the first thing I thought I should post here in a while. Most of my work has been in my art classes, so...
If you want to actually see my more common work (a.k.a.: the stuff I draw but don't post here) "like" my Facebook page!…
Oh wow, take a break for a few months and dA goes and changes again. Oh well. For those of you who follow me, go "like" my Facebook page! I post more on there...…
Present for Faith: WIP~ by AkumaAsylum
Present for Faith: WIP~
My niece Faith is turning eight soon, so I wanted to make her a present. Her party is Mermaid themed, so I figured "HELLA I'LL DRAW HER A MERMAID!"

I have discovered that I hate drawing mermaids aha

Since I haven't uploaded anything in FOREVER. I also decided to upload the crappy work-in-progress sorry for any damage to your vision

Medium: Digital
Program: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Time: Approx. 7 hours 

All art belongs to me, AkumaAsylum.


AkumaAsylum's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello all, my name is Akuma. I had an account on here previously under the name AkumaLight, but I am no longer going to be active on it.
I enjoy art as a hobby, and people tell me I am pretty good at it. I draw, paint (badly might I add), sculpt a bit, write short stories, write poetry, and sing.
I love religious, gothic, detailed, colorful, gloomy things. My current obsession is with mythical creatures, mainly Fairies.
My passion for art and music flows very deeply, and I am pretty easy to get along with.

Happy Browsing!

So, I am graduating from High School in June, and I am FREAKING OUTTTT!!!

I have little to no clue what is going on anymore, and everything is rushing past me. Lucky for me, I already was accepted into the college I am planning to attend, but that just adds a plethora of other fears.

If I fade in and out of activity, it is probably because I forgot to upload (you have no clue how often this happens. It is really sad actually) and I will try to be better about it.


Thank you all for thinking I am a good enough artist to have either deviantWatched me, or viewed my profile. It is really appreciated!



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Yeah, there was a lot of drama going on and I decided to change accounts and production names. I thought I sent out a message to everyone from the other account, but I guess not. So sorry! It has been a heck of a long time, hasn't it? How are you? 
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I'm not sure. It's possible I could have got it but honestly it was so long ago, I have no honest idea. 
Yes it has xD I'm doing well. College is a headache, but I'm hanging in there and still managing to get art out occasionally. :) 
And how are you? :)
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I feel you on the college thing--it seems that with all of my classes (and with my mental health issues) the only time I really have for art is in my art classes. Ha.
I've been pretty alright, actually. Been trying to filter out negativity and stress in my life before it kills me. And I finally decided that my goal in life is to become a concept sketch artist, so there's that!

Dang, that was pretty bad timing for a two-for-one sale, wasn't it? Sorry to hear about that--but hey, time should fly, right?
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